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Golf Caddy Pro


Golf Caddy Lite is the free sample of Golf Caddy Pro, the complete golfing companion. No need for mobile/cellular connection. Avoid "no phone" club rules by switching your phone "Do Not Disturb" mode. Golf Caddy Lite gives Live GPS position on satellite maps with detailed Rangefinder, Shot tracker, data and stats. Review your game let us know if your favourite course is not on the app and we we can add this for you.Golf Caddy Lite has all Golf Caddy Pro features on the 1st hole of every course, you play the remaining 17 holes with the Lite functionality. We hope you will upgrade to the Pro Version today.
Golf Caddy Pro is only €24:99
- Turns your Smartphone into the Ultimate Golf Tool- No annoying interruptions, calls, emails, just golf
"Golf Caddy Pro GPS Mapping and Shot Tracking are fantastic features that will greatly improve your course management, and give you accurate feedback on your performance. The feature I love the most is how accurately the app will show you how far on average you hit each club, which will take the guessing out of selecting the club for the shot. Golf Caddy Pro is a game changer on and off the golf course “
Alan MulfordPGA Professional
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